Clinical and Health Administration

  • Best Clinical Efficiency Solution
  • Best Core Administrative Processing System (CAPS)
  • Clinical Efficiency Innovation Award
  • Best Patient Registration & Scheduling Solution
  • Best Online Search and Scheduling Solution
  • Best Clinical Administration Hardware Device
  • Best Computerized Decision Support Solution
  • Best Overall Health Informatics Solution
  • Best Overall Health Administration Software
  • Best Overall Healthcare Operations Solution
  • Health Adminstration Innovation Award

Care Management & Delivery

  • Best Care Management Platform
  • Best Care Coordination Platform
  • Best Care Delivery Platform
  • Best Care Orchestration Platform
  • Care Management Innovation Award
  • Best Care Management Solution Provider

Patient Engagement

  • Best Patient Relationship Management Solution
  • Best Overall Patient Engagement Solution
  • Best Patient Communication Solution
  • Best Patient Portal
  • Best Patient Education Solution
  • Best Mobile App for Patient Engagement
  • Best Overall Patient Engagement Platform
  • Best Overall Patient Engagement Service
  • Patient Engagement Innovation Award
  • Best Overall Patient Engagement Company

Patient Experience

  • Best Patient Experience Solution
  • Patient Experience Innovation Award
  • Best Patient Experience Solution Provider

Electronic Health Records

  • Best Electronic Health Record Solution
  • Best Electronic Health Record Service
  • EHR Innovation Award
  • Best Overall EHR Solution Provider

Privacy & Compliance

  • Best Compliance Solution
  • Compliance Mangement Innovation Award
  • Best Compliance Management Solution Provider


  • Genomics Innovation Award
  • Best Overall Genomics Solution
  • Best Personal Genome Testing Service
  • Best Overall Genomics Company

Internet-of-Things (IoT) Healthcare

  • Best Healthare Robotics/Navigation Solution
  • Best Healthcare Robotics Company
  • Best IoT Healthcare Platform
  • Best IoT Fitness Wearable
  • Best IoT Healthcare Wearable Device
  • Best IoT Healthcare Security Solution
  • Healthcare Wearables Innovation Award
  • Best Biometric Sensor Solution
  • Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
  • AI Innovation Award
  • Best Overall Connected Healthcare Solution
  • Best Connected Health Platform

Data & Analytics

  • Best Health Information Exchange (HIE) Solution
  • Best Healthcare Data Repository Solution
  • Best Healthcare Big Data Platform
  • Best Healthcare Big Data Solution
  • Best Provider Data Management Platform
  • Best Data Visualization Solution
  • Best Predictive Analytics Solution
  • Best Overall Healthcare Data Analytics Platform
  • Best Overall Medical Data Solution Provider
  • Healthcare Analytics Innovation Award

Health and Fitness

  • Best Personal Health App
  • Best Virtual Health Coach
  • Best Sleep Monitoring Solution
  • Best Overall SleepTech Solution
  • Best Fitness Mobile App
  • Best Nutrition Mobile App
  • Best Healthcare Information Destination


  • Best TeleHealth Platform
  • Best TeleHealth Mobile App
  • Best Overall mHealth Solution
  • Best Overall TeleMedicine Platform
  • Best Overall TeleHealth Solution
  • TeleHealth Innovation Award

Virtual Care

  • Best Virtual Care Platform
  • Best Virtual Care Solution
  • Best Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Solution
  • Best Overall mHealth Hardware Solution
  • Virtual Care Innovation Award
  • Best Virtual Care Solution Provider

Medical Device

  • Best New Technology Solution – Imaging
  • Best New Technology Solution – Ultrasound
  • Best New Technology Solution – Monitoring
  • Best New Technology Solution – Diagnostic
  • Best New Technology Solution – Surgical
  • Best New Technology Solution – Neurology
  • Best New Technology Solution – Pathology
  • Best New Technology Solution – Therapeutic
  • Best New Technology Solution – Radiology
  • Best New Technology Solution – Cardiology
  • Best New Technology Solution – Biopsy
  • Best New Technology Solution – Oncology
  • Best New Technology Solution – Pain Management
  • Best New Technology Solution – Drug Development
  • Best New Technology Solution – Ophthalmology
  • Best New Technology Solution – Hearing Aid
  • Best New Technology Solution – e-Prescribing
  • Best New Technology Solution – Dermatology
  • Best New Technology Solution – Diabetes Management
  • Best New Technology Solution – Medication Management
  • Best New Technology Solution – Drug Delivery
  • Best New Technology Solution – Dentistry
  • Best New Technology Solution – Orthopedics
  • Medical Device Innovation Award
  • Best Overall Medical Device Product
  • Best Overall Medical Device Solution
  • Best Overall Medical Device Company

Healthcare Cybersecurity

  • Best Healthcare Network Security Solution
  • Best Patient Data Security Solution
  • Best Cloud Security Solution
  • Best Overall Healthcare Cybersecurity Solution
  • Best Overall Healthcare Cybersecurity Company
  • Healthcare Cybersecurity Innovation Award

Clinical Trial Technology

  • Clinical Trial Innovation Award
  • Best Overall Clinical Trial Platform
  • Best Clinical Trial Technology Solution Provider

Healthcare Payments & InsurTech

  • Best Healthcare InsurTech Solution
  • Healthcare Payments Innovation Award
  • Healthcare Insurance Innovation Award
  • Best Healthcare InsurTech Solution Provider

Women's Health

  • Women’s Health Innovation Award
  • Best Reproductive Health Technology Solution
  • Best Overall Women’s Health Solution
  • Best Overall Women’s Health Solution Provider

Home Health Care

  • Best Home Health Care Solution
  • Best In-Home Testing Solution
  • Best In-Home Healthcare Platform
  • Best Overall Home Heatlh Solution
  • Best Overall Home Heatlh Solution Provider

Holistic & Mental Health

  • Best Mental Health App
  • Mental Health Innovation Award
  • Best Overall Mental Health Solution
  • Best Overall Mental Health Solution Provider


  • Medical Device Engineering Breakthrough
  • Best MedTech Startup
  • Best MedTech Company CEO
  • Best Overall MedTech Software
  • Best Overall MedTech Company
  • Best Overall Digital Health Company
  • Digital Health Innovation Award
  • Best Hospital Technology Implementation
  • Best Health Network Technology Implementation

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