Award Categories

Clinical and Health Administration

Best Clinical Efficiency Solution
Best Computerized Decision Support (CDS) Solution
Best Release of Information (eROI) Solution
Best Clinical e-File Solution
Best Patient Registration and Scheduling Software
Best Compliance Solution
Best Clinical Administration Hardware Device
Best Overall Health Informatics Solution
Best Overall Health Administration Software

Patient Engagement

Best Patient Education Tool or Service
Best Patient Portal
Best Patient Relationship Management Solution
Best Overall Patient Engagement Solution
Best Overall Patient Engagement Platform
Best Overall Patient Engagement Company or Service

Electronic Health Records

Best Electronic Health Record Service
Best Electronic Health Record Solution
Best Electronic Health Record Security Solution


Best Personal Genome Testing Service
Best Overall Genomics Solution
Best Overall Genomics Company

Internet-of-Things (IoT) Healthcare

Best Healthare Robotics Solution
Best IoT Healthcare Platform
Best IoT Healthcare Wearable Device
Best Biometric Sensor Solution
Best IoT Healthcare Security Solution

Medical Data

Best Health Information Exchange (HIE) Solution
Best Healthcare Data Repository Solution
Best Healthcare Big Data Platform
Best Data Visualization Service
Best Predictive Analytics Solution
Best Overall Healthcare Data Analytics Platform

Health, Fitness & Nutrition

Best Virtual Health Coach Service
Best Personal Health App
Best Parenting Mobile App
Best Infant Monitoring Solution
Best Sleep Monitoring Solution
Best Fitness Mobile App
Best Nutrition Mobile App
Best Healthcare Information Destination
Best Fitness Information Destination
Best Nutrition Information Destination

Mobile Communications & teleHealth

Best Videoconferencing Solution
Best Store-and-Forward Imaging Solution
Best teleHealth Platform
Best Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Solution
Best Overall teleHealth Solution
Best Overall mHealth Software
Best Overall mHealth Hardware Solution

Medical Device

Best New Technology Solution – Medical Imaging
Best New Technology Solution – Diagnostic
Best New Technology Solution – Monitoring
Best New Technology Solution – Surgical
Best New Technology Solution – Therapeutic
Best New Technology Solution – Radiology
Best New Technology Solution – Cardiology
Best New Technology Solution – Dermatology
Best New Technology Solution – Oncology
Best NewTechnology Solution – Dentistry
Best Overall Medical Electronic Device Solution
Best Overall Medical Device Product
Best Overall Medical Device Company

Healthcare Cybersecurity

Best Healthcare Network Security Solution
Best Patient Data Security Solution
Best Threat Prevention Solution
Best Endpoint Security Solution
Best Cloud Security Solution
Best Overall Healthcare Cybersecurity Solution
Best Overall Healthcare Cybersecurity Company


Medical Device Engineering Breakthrough
Best MedTech CEO
Best MedTech Startup
Best Overall MedTech Software
Best Overall MedTech Company
Best Hospital Technology Implementation
Best Health Network Technology Implementation

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Submission Period: January 1 – April 30, 2017